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Yoga in Fuerteventura

What could be better than wonderful Yoga in Fuerteventura in the fresh air, with sea views and the sun smiling in your face? In our Surf Villa Fuerteventura, we offer you on request relaxing and vitalising yoga sessions with the lovely Lisa.


Island Yoga Fuerteventura

Lisa has been living on Fuerteventura for many years and is Yogi with body and soul. A few years ago she turned her passion into a profession and founded Island Yoga Fuerteventura. On request, she will come to you at the Surf Villa. Here you can practise a wonderful yoga session together in the garden on our yoga platform with a breathtaking ocean view. If you prefer to be even closer to the ocean, Lisa also offers yoga directly on the beach.


Yoga for inner balance

Yoga is the perfect balance after an active day of surfing in the water. Tense muscles are loosened, your body is gently mobilised, your mind calms down and you find your inner balance. That's why yoga is the ideal addition to your surfing holiday with us on Fuerteventura. If you have never practised yoga outdoors or on the beach, then you should definitely give it a try. Yoga in your own four walls is great and will definitely give you a lot of lightness and harmony. But yoga on the beach in Fuerteventura with the gentle sea breeze around your nose and the meditative sound of the breaking waves in your ear is simply incredible.


Fancy yoga on Fuerteventura? Write to us!

If you would like to experience this and fancy a yoga class, then simply write to us! We will organise an unforgettable yoga session with Lisa for you. Either at our Surf Villa or on the fine sandy beach. This way you don't have to worry about anything during your holiday. You can let yourself go, be in the moment and just enjoy. Namaste!

Strand Fuerteventura aus Vogelperspektive

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